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Thank you for your order! before anything, you need to complete a few steps:
  1. Buy a Domain Name – if you do not own one already. This is something like www.YourDomainName.com
  2. Buy Web Hosting – if you do not own one already. This will be a place on a server connected to Internet 24/7 where your site resides

We recommend INTERSERVER, a company based in the US, that offers, in our opinion the best service for the money. Currently, they are selling a domain name for $7.99/one year and web hosting for $3.5/month (you should take one year of service, meaning 12months x $2.5 = $30) which is a very good deal as the web hosting is unlimited!

When clicking the button above, you’ll end up on their website.

  1. Scroll a bit down and click the orange button with “buy now” for $2.5 (see the first picture, below)
  2. On the next screen choose to register a new domain name and write the name that you want for your website YourDomain.com. If it is available, go to the next screen, if not try another name until you find something unique. However, if you already have a domain name, put the checkmark to the second option I already have a domain¬†choose “No” when asked to transfer and go to the next screen.

3. Key in your existing email address, for example, a yahoo one. Must be a valid email, as you will need to confirm it later on. Then choose a password, check the Terms and Conditions and also Captcha and Create an account and continue

4. Double-check your email and continue

5. Key in your details (name, address, phone) and continue

6. This is the last page: choose from the dropdown: 12 months for $30, choose “No” for privacy protection and move on to payments – you can pay via credit card or Paypal, then Place the order.

7. Everything is now active. If there are any issues, in the bottom right of the screen there is a blue icon where you can open a chat with their “epic support”.

Do that anyway and ask them to help you with the installation of WordPress and then give us the login details so we can build your website. Again, we will need the login details to your newly installed WordPress (not your Interserver account). When the site is finished, you will change them, of course.

Here, you can get in contact with us or send me a message

If you already have a domain name from a different provider and at step 2 you have chosen the second option, then you will need to perform some special setup on your provider (update the nameservers with the new ones from Interserver – found in your admin back office). Get in touch with us to assist you.

Need 1:1 support?

If you find it difficult to do it yourself we can help out! 

Get in contact with us or send me a message to set up a proper time to get together and do it!

Thank you!